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The World of Kabbalah

Revealing How it's Mystical Secrets Relate to You
Course Overview

What is Kabbalah? What are its core concepts? How do they apply in real life?

Many Jews searching for spirituality are intrigued by Kabbalah. They wonder if the centuries-old esoteric study can illuminate some of their ontological questions or contemplative thoughts. 

The cryptic language in the formative works of Kabbalah makes its secrets nearly indecipherable to the uninitiated. The World of Kabbalah, a six-week adult education course, introduces key terms and concepts to open the door to study further. 

The course will initiate participants to the seder hishtalshelut—the Kabbalistic chain of worlds that bridge the initial Divine creative impulse with the material world, from the infinity of Ein Sof, through the process of tzimtzum, constriction, to the ten Divine emanations, or sefirot. The course will introduce the chaos of the worlds of Tohu and their reparation, tikkun, and finally, Atzmut, essence, as discussed in Chasidut.

The Details

6 Mondays 

Nov 6 - Dec. 11

Enroll online:

Details may be obtained by calling 518-368-7886 or by


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