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So…how do we get through hard times?

Well, that's what Passover is all about!

Passover helps us stand tall, strong, and free even when it feels like the world is against us.

I’m hoping you can donate $180 -- or maybe $360 -- to help make Passover a reality for our local Jewish community this year. 

Because when we take care of each other, G-d takes care of us too.

They need a place to celebrate Passover, learn about their Judaism, and learn how to self-advocate and experience the joy of being Jewish!

You can give them that place!

Passover isn’t just reviewing a story - we celebrate it with traditional foods, readings, songs, and memories. We relive it by eating the same Matzah and Maror that we ate back then. 

We make it come to life, we make it real because the lesson of Jewish survival is too important, and the stakes are too high to do any less.


21 donations 

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